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Together Kollyde (formerly Next 10 Ventures) and OnePlus have had great success introducing the brand to US & Global audiences over the past few years.

We'd like to offer an opportunity to take our partnership to a new, elevated level by ideating, creating and supporting content marketing strategies on OnePlus social platforms.

I should properly introduce myself and more importantly, share a bit about what I bring to Kollyde and you. I am Glenn and I am a Creative Director and have been my entire life. The other kids wanted to be firefighters or astronauts… I was the only one who wanted to be a Creative Director. So, what does that mean for you? Well, I have had one passion (workwise anyhow), giving me many years to refine my creative process, develop my aesthetic, and most importantly I have a bit of experience.

I have gathered experiences around the world, in award-winning ad agencies, the world of entertainment, and almost everything in between. Here is a link to some examples of recent work I’m proud of. If you would like me to talk you through any of the work, please let me know.

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